As Coronavirus Spreads VA Prepares to Backup Overtaxed US Hospitals

Although I think it’s important that the VA work with civilian hospitals to stop the spread of Coronavirus, I don’t understand how they can help with the overflow of patients. The VA is already overtaxed with veterans.

Currently, the VA serves about nine million veterans while it has a staff of around 300,000. Only one in three psychologists’ positions are currently filled. The hiring process makes it difficult at best to hire new psychologists as well as other personnel.

Another personnel issue is that when there’s a crisis, like a government shutdown, only personnel who are considered essential remain at the VA. Veterans can’t and don’t always get the care they need. They have to go to the emergency room for any care they need.

If you need care, then make sure you go to the VA and get it. Let’s hope that this crisis blows over quickly and the VA isn’t needed to help civilian hospitals. Otherwise, it could put a further strain on a system that was designed to serve veterans.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is preparing for the possibility it may have to absorb overflow civilian patients. As virus spreads, VA gets set to back up taxed US hospitals


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