Bill to Save GI Bill Benefits, Trump Halts Student Loan Collections

For veterans who are attending college, this should be welcome news. Although the bill hasn’t passed yet, Congress seems to be busy providing relief on many different fronts these days.

This student veteran package would ensure veterans aren’t charged for not completing their program because of closures. Bill Would Save GI Bill Benefits for Student Veterans with Canceled Classes

For veterans like me, as well as all other students who are struggling to pay back student loans, this is welcome news. Not only have collections of student loans stopped for 60 days, borrowers won’t be able to impose any interest either.

Personally, I’d rather continue paying on my student loans so that I can get rid of them. As I write this though, I was laid off from my job this week, and I will be drawing unemployment until I go back to my current job or find some other way to make money. In any event, I’m glad the government is taking definitive action on this crisis, and hopefully, it will be over soon.

Trump Stops Collection Of Student Loan Debt From Those In Default first reported by Politico, the Trump administration has stopped collecting from borrowers who have defaulted on their federal student loans. That reprieve could impact 9 million student loan borrowers currently in default amid the coronavirus emergency. Trump Stops Collection Of Student Loan Debt From Those In Default

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