North Korea Test Fires Two Short Range Missiles

While the rest of the world seems to be busy dealing with the Coronavirus, North Korea is busy testing new weapons. Let me know if I missed something here because I thought President Trump had negotiated with the North Koreans to stop building weapons.

Maybe it’s just nuclear weapons. What I want to know is why Kim Jung Un thinks he needs to build more weapons anyway. As far as I know, he’s at peace with his neighbors. Of course, I also remember being in the Army and the Soviets were always busy building new weapons and showing them off in their parades.

This is definitely a development I’ll be keeping an eye on. Even though I consider the Coronavirus to be a serious issue, I also think that in some ways it’s a red herring to distract us from other things that may be going on. Stay tuned.

Flight data released by the South Korean and Japanese militaries suggest that the North could have tested one of its new mobile, solid-fuel missile systems it first demonstrated last year. North Korea test fires two missiles

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