US Army Seeks Retired Medics and Nurses for Active Duty to Respond to COVID-19

Although I know the Army may need help, what about Veterans Affairs? Why isn’t the VA hiring these veterans? Only one in three psychologist positions is filled at the VA. The Army isn’t just asking for nurses and medics. They are asking for all medical personnel, including doctors.

Even though I don’t always agree with how the VA handles mental health, and I certainly don’t agree with drugging veterans, only 30 percent of the staff at the VA is veterans. The VA needs to increase the number of veterans working at the VA, especially in peer support. I would love to see more veterans like me who have healed involved in creating programs and distributing crucial resources that would help veterans.

I hope that those who are needed will return to service. I also hope that they will apply to the VA and increase the number of veterans who are working at the VA.

The U.S. Army is asking retired soldiers who served in health care fields if they want to come back on active duty to help deal with the response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. “These extraordinary challenges require equally extraordinary solutions and that’s why we’re turning to you,” wrote The Army is asking retired medics and nurses to come back on active-duty for COVID-19 response

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