US Troop Movements Halted over COVID-19

I’m not exactly sure how you bring war to a screeching halt just because of a worldwide pandemic. Is the enemy taking a break as well? I would also like to know if the negotiations with the Taliban are still taking place.

In another story I read, the Japanese military reported that the North Koreans had fired off two missiles. What happened to our negotiations with them?

Although I know there is concern for this pandemic, and there needs to be, maybe it’s time to bring the troops home. They would be better off here in the US, especially if this pandemic gets worse. At leas they would have access to the care they need if any more troops test positive for the virus.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Defense Secretary Mark Esper has issued a stop movement order to the U.S. military halting all travel and movement abroad for up to 60 days in an effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus through the ranks, Esper told Reuters on Wednesday. Esper said in an interview that Pentagon orders halt to all overseas movement for US forces for up to 60 days over COVID-19

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