The Real Story Behind ‘1917’ and a Review

1917 Movie

Most, if not all, of those who fought in World War I are dead and gone now. It’s not a war that gets talked about a lot because there’s really no one around to tell the stories about it anymore. Director, co-writer,, and producer Sam Mendes has decided to give it a shot by telling a ficticious story based on the events of his grandfather’s life.

The Real Story Behind ‘1917’ follows two young soldiers, Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Schofield (George MacKay), who are tasked with a dangerous trek across No Man’s Land to warn another squadron about a German ambush that could result in the deaths of 1,600 British soldiers. Thus begins a fight for survival as they navigate the harsh terrains to deliver the message before time runs out.

While the specific mission at hand on screen is entirely fictitious, it was inspired by the stories of Lance Corporal Alfred H. Mendes, the director’s great-grandfather. During the war, he was charged with delivering messages to other battalions and was even awarded the Military Medal after he volunteered for a dangerous mission to locate injured soldiers during the Battle of Passchendaele. The Real Story Behind ‘1917’

This is a vivid story of war. Mendes really nailed it on the cinematography because this movie has the feel of being there. It is a deeply personal story since it gets the viewer involved with the stories of William Schofield and Tom Blake.

Schofield and Blake have been ordered by General Erinmore to take a message to Colonel Mackenzie of the Second Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment and stop an attack. In getting the message to Colonel Mackenzie, the two soldiers will not only save the lives of 1,600 men who are to fight in the battle, it will save the life of Blake’s brother, Lieutenant Joseph Blake.

Most of the story is about Schofield and Blake trying to get across the Northern French countryside to make sure the message is delivered before the battle takes place. They are traveling on foot, and they have to avoid German soldiers along the way.

The action is tense, and it rarely ever lets up as the soldiers face the dangers of trying to get past the German soldiers without getting discovered. It’s also about a bond of friendship and believing in your buddy so much that you will follow him anywhere and do just about anything to keep him safe.

As I mentioned before, the cinematography is amazing, and Mendes’s presentation of war is vivid. You’ll be on the edge of your seat until the end wondering if these two soldiers will make it across the French countryside to their destination.

I really couldn’t find anything wrong with this movie, and it is definitely worth watching. It is deeply personal, and you get to know the two main characters as they make their journey.

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