Top 10 Personal Finance Resources for Veterans

Top 10 Personal Finance Resources for Veterans

Top 10 Personal Finance Resources for Veterans

There’s a joke in the veteran’s community that you’re not really a veteran until you’ve been divorced and had bad credit. Sadly, this is a reality for many veterans, including myself.

It’s possible to get your finances in order and prepare for any opportunity. You can also improve your financial picture in retirement so you’re not stuck living on just a government check. Regardless of your financial situation, you’ll benefit from using these sites.

I’ve done my best to provide resources that any veteran can use, regardless of where you live in the world. Each country has unique challenges. At the same time, the same financial principles work worldwide. Whenever possible, I have tried to include resources actually created by veterans. Supporting one another makes our community stronger.

Disclaimer: Although I will post affiliate links from time to time to earn money to pay my web hosting and domains, there are no affiliate links in this list. The reason is that I want to provide an unbiased list of resources to help all of you who are struggling with your finances.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Started by Vietnam veteran and Marine Corps pilot Robert Kiyosaki, this is one of my favorite sites for learning how to become financially free. You can sign up for a free account, get his free newsletter and play his game Cashflow to learn personal finance principles as well as learn how to improve your finances. (Worldwide)

USAA – USAA is a credit union for both active military and veterans in the US. Once you join, your family members are eligible to join as well. It doesn’t cost very much to open an account, and you can get free checking and savings. They are a full service credit union, which means they offer a full line of financial products including insurance and investments.

Even if you don’t qualify for an account, there’s still a ton of financial information on this website that will help you get your finances in order. (US)

Veterans Financial Coalition – This site offers not only financial education for veterans, it also offers consumer protection. This is a good website for those who are transitioning from the military as well as veterans who want to get their finances in order. The focus is definitely on education for veterans, and it includes partners like VISA. (Worldwide)

Operation We Are Here – This site focuses on financial education for both military and veterans with a strong focus on the military family. It includes more than just financial resources for military and veterans. Veterans can also find information on veterans service organizations as well as other topics related to veterans. Military families will find information on everything from infertility to spouse employment and education. (US)

PenFed Foundation – This site offers interest free loans to active duty, National Guard and Reservists in the US. It is a simple one page form, and the goal is to make it as easy as possible for military servicemembers to get financial relief quickly. (US)

Kiplinger’s Financial Field Manual – This is actually a free report that you can download. (Just right click to download. It’s in PDF, so it can be read on any device.) Kiplinger’s is actually a personal finance magazine you can subscribe to if you wish. They offer a lot of content online related to personal finance, investing, taxes and other financial issues you may face. It’s a great place to start for anyone because the articles are written in such a way that anyone can understand the articles without feeling stupid.

What I like about this website is that they list mutual funds and other financial instruments and then explain how these financial instruments are performing. This is important for anyone who is interested in investing in the stock market and building a portfolio. (Worldwide)

Veterans Plus – The owners of this site say that this site is designed by veterans for veterans. You can get free wealth management advice as well as find a financial counselor if you need it. There is also plenty of financial education on this site to help you get your questions answered when trying to solve your financial issues. This site is part of the Yellow Ribbon Network of nonprofit organizations designed to help veterans. (US)

Financial Educator Council – This site offers financial education for both veterans and active duty military. It also offers other resources for those who need more help. (Think referrals to other organizations.) What makes this site different from the others is that if you want to offer financial education to veterans, they give you free training to get you started. It’s a nice package with videos, handouts, worksheets, and pretty much anything you need to run a financial education program. Although these resources are primarily for Americans, I believe the free financial education course might be valuable to anyone who wants to offer financial education to veterans in their respective countries.

Run the Money: Financial and Business Resources for Veterans – This site offers both financial education and business resources for veterans. There is a recommended reading list, as well as lots of blog posts to help you with various issues related to personal finance and investing. (Worldwide)

Nerd Wallet – In this blog post from Nerd Wallet, it lists the top five personal finance blogs for military personnel and veterans to read. This gives you an additional source of financial education. Nerd wallet also offers plenty of general financial advice that you can take advantage of. (Worldwide)


When I was making my list, I forgot about this site. It’s a really great site to get started on your financial education, and anyone can use it. You’ll need to sign up for an account to take the course. It’s free.

Wealth Fit – This site provides financial education for anyone who wants it. Their initial course is free, and you can take it to begin your financial education. What this free course will do is put you on the road to getting out of debt, earning more income, and building passive income.

Final Thoughts

I know that some of you have had some bad financial experiences with your family of origin. It may be coloring your perceptions of money.

Money in and of itself isn’t bad. It’s our perceptions of it. It’s our beliefs that are really part of the problem.

Money just makes a person more of what he/she is. If a person is unhappy when he/she is broke, that won’t change when the person has a lot of money. Money is simply a tool we all need to use to pay our bills and take care of ourselves. When we have a lot of money, then we can help others.

I hope you find these resources helpful. If you know of a topic I need to write about to help other veterans, please let me know. I’ll be happy to do the research and find the resources. I can only guide others and point the way. I can’t make changes for you.

Change comes from the inside, and if I’ve discovered one thing, it’s this: when I work from the inside out, I find I have a lot more resources than I thought I did.


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