Soviet Submarine Fires Nuclear Ballistic Missile While Docked Pierside (Video)

Russian Ballistic Missile Tests

Although it is unclear when this event took place, the Russian Navy is considering reviving this tactic again. As late as last year, the Russian Navy was carrying ballistic missile testing from their submarines.

Check Out This Soviet Submarine Firing A Nuclear Ballistic Missile While Docked Pierside Pictures have been circulating online of a Soviet Delta III class nuclear ballistic missile submarine firing an R-29R submarine-launched ballistic missile during an exercise while still in port, a unique tactic that no other country appears to have ever employed. Last year, the Russian Navy reportedly conducted a similar test, but which involved a Yasen class guided-missile submarine conducting a pier-side launch of a Kalibr cruise missile, apparently for the first time ever. The date and exact circumstances of the particular exercise seen in the photos on social media are unclear. An article in Russia’s Izvestia newspaper in 2019 said that the Soviet Navy had first begun training ballistic missile submarine crews to carry out these pier-side launches in the late 1960s and early 1970s. This would fit broadly with the fact that a Delta III class submarine is seen in the pictures firing the R-29R missile. The Soviet Navy commissioned the first of the Delta IIIs, also known as Project 667BDR Kalmar class boats, in 1976.  The last member of the 14-ship class entered Soviet Navy service in 1982. Check Out This Soviet Submarine Firing A Nuclear Ballistic Missile While Docked Pierside

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