3 Reasons Military Vets Don’t Start Businesses [Video]


Hey welcome back friends to the brian chambers movement today I want to talk about three reasons why we don't see
more military veterans starting businesses becoming entrepreneurs more importantly I want to squash those three
reasons I want to murder the excuses and give those of you who really somewhere deep down in your heart you want to
start that business but you've been holding off I want to show you why it may have been a problem for you but then
give you some solutions when I started this brian chambers movement make no mistake I helped a lot of people in a
lot of different spaces but military veterans especially military veterans who served in combat hold a special
place in my heart I'd even extend that to first responders firefighters police officers who've been through that type
of experience I for one know how hard it is to not only come home from war and try to find some semblance of a normal
life but then to take that uniform off and try to adapt and assimilate into a culture that doesn't necessarily share
all of our exact values so I read an awesome article on incan warning I'm here in my home office so you may hear
one or two of my children chime in on this video but I was reading an awesome article on Inc written by a military
veteran entrepreneur trying to figure out why is it that we see less and less of that and specifically he was
comparing what we see today versus what we saw back in the times of World War two where the numbers of
entrepreneurship during World War Two familiy you saw a lot of military veterans starting businesses
whereas today you don't see so much and first and foremost the first reason why you don't see more veterans starting
businesses and this one isn't really something we can combat so much as it is the overall percentage of people
starting businesses in 2018 is just down right some of that has to do with the economics of the world some people are
reluctant to get into that but the percentage of entrepreneurship frankly is just down you might be able to
tribute some of that back to what happened in 2007 with the market crash but let's leave that one on the table
just accept that as reality but number two I'm gonna put up dollar signs right is access to
resources okay access to resources today a soldier leaving the military you know
a sailor and airmen a Marine leaving the military doesn't necessarily have access to the same resources that our World War
two veteran brothers and sisters would have specifically you have the GI Bill now right but it doesn't provide you
with low-interest access to capital to start a business the GI Bill or at least funding that they had available for
world war ii veterans did ok so there's always this resource hurdle that we have to jump over that the World War two
folks didn't have to but here's the counterpoint to that it has never been cheaper to start a business and I'll use
myself as an example when I started my online marketing coaching business right when I started working with entertainers
and businesses to provide coaching I sell a program called the social media master university that helps
entrepreneurs and small businesses DIY their personal brand and the marketing for their business right it's a
relatively inexpensive program right much cheaper than a college course but it's a college course level of
information okay I was able to get that off the ground really for the price of my website which is the hosting so
that's relatively it's about a hundred and some change for a couple of years of hosting right that's the site where I
deliver my videos from the course which I use click funnels if you want to know the tools the behind the scenes that's
about a hundred bucks a month right doing a little bit of marketing but a lot of that was sweat equity I didn't
pay for marketing back in the day when I first started years ago especially when I first started my business back in 2004
social media didn't exist in the way that it does today right so all of my business was word of mouth and through
networking which we're going to talk about in a second but this access to resource doesn't need to be annexed
use for you starting a business yes you may be resource-constrained in trying to start a business that would rely heavily
on investor capital to help you get it off the ground but there's no reason why you couldn't start something else as the
basement right the baseline the foundation of a bigger business an example of someone much bigger than me
who does this is Gary Vaynerchuk right he runs a marketing agency called vaynermedia and that's the engine
through which he builds the capital in the revenue to fund all of his other dreams and he's been quoted as saying I
don't want to run a marketing agency right I am in the same boat I run a marketing agency
servicing small to medium businesses in my local to regional area don't just focus on local I do serve some regional
clients got some folks on the East Coast in Georgia and all the way up in New York that I serve but the point is I
started that business and selling my product as a social media master university to really fund what I really
want to do which has become essentially the Tony Robbins of our era right providing coaching and personal
development and helping people overcome suffering and all these other challenges but in order to do that right I've
started another business that cost me very little to start you can start a marketing agency for the price of a
laptop you can run it out of your home which I do I use some office space as well but you can really get creative you
can go to the library and use office space I've done that before in my neighborhood you can go to Whole Foods I
actually run my meet up where I meet with local businesses to help them with this with the marketing I used to run
that out of Whole Foods I run it virtually now and you can run it virtually for very little cost so
there's no excuse about why you can't at least start a business maybe it's not your dream business the one that's going
to compete with Amazon but you can start something that then brings in the revenue that at least takes care of your
family and hopefully brings in enough revenue to support you doing something else over time all right
so yes one of the main reasons is we are resource constrained in ways that our brothers and sisters for the past were
not but let's not let that be an excuse number three and this was the hardest one for
me is networking all right the article said that you know during World War two people were drafted
and they were drafted from all walks of life so some of the people who were drafted and then came out and started
businesses came from a different walk of life than just the military most of us that serve in the military now come from
military families meaning we lived a more isolated life right because we're not around people who grew up in
billion-dollar families or even million-dollar families I was raised in a military family we don't necessarily
know how to network and maybe somewhat opposed to the networking that's necessary especially in 2018 to be
successful in business we're used to being a part of an isolated almost fraternity like community where we look
out for one another and then we come out here into the business space and realize ain't nobody else looking out for you is
you looking out for you right and it's a different culture a different set of values a lot of times and isleye to you
not I have helped veterans who have separated from the military just in getting another job not starting a
business just getting a job and they didn't want to network with civilians it was like I just want to do it on my own
I don't want to bother them I'm like you're not bothering them that's the way the real world works it's networking
it's not who you know it's not what you know it's who knows you and so we've been somewhat conditioned not to network
the way we need to in order sometimes to get access to the resources that we need and to find the clients that we want to
build relationships with this was my greatest weakness when it came to starting my serve you know my marketing
service based business back in 2004 when I started it I just relied solely on word-of-mouth in fact I used to say I
don't want to advertise I don't want to get too many clients I used to say a lot of crazy stuff like that back when I
first started but it was I'm just not used to I hated networking events I hated happy hours I hated all of that
stuff because it just seems so superficial and so not you know brothers looking
after brothers sisters looking after sisters brothers and sisters like in arms looking after one another like why
do I have to go do this song and dance just to do business I've got the skills I know how to show up and make things
happen why doesn't it work like it did in the military well because the military people have expectations that
if you hold a certain rank in position you have proven that you're able to do certain things out here in the business
world nobody knows what you can do and nobody knows what the Chevron's and the rockers on your arm mean or the bars of
the oak leaf clusters on your sleeves they don't know what that means most civilians have no idea what the
difference is between a sergeant or a colonel or a naval captain and a naval ensign they don't get the difference and
nor do they care right but we can't let this reluctance to network be an excuse one there's all kinds of veteran
business networks now you have places like bunker labs which I'm connected with great group of people but there's
so many things going on in your area through places like meetup for example right that one here I actually run a
meetup for local businesses right to help them out with their marketing you can go to meetups but here's here's the
flipside of it friends we have this perception that happy hours and all this stuff these networking events are just
these kitschy kind of civilian superficial social hours that we just don't really want to be a part we're
mission oriented I'm about the mission not about chit-chatting but I got to tell you I've been to a lot of these you
might be surprised how well done some of these meetings are I went to a happy hour to learn I was working with a
client who's looking for investor capital to start a medical business right so I knew they needed capital but
they're busy doing the science so I went to a networking event where they were talking about how to secure capital how
to get venture capital just so I could learn from my client which kind of put me you know at ease because I'm not
there for me turns out I met so many cool people while I was there the presentation was amazing I learned
so much and on top of that I met another business partner to put into my business alliance who I still talk with usually
once a week today about how can I help you how can I help you friends these networking events are not as kitschy and
superficial as you may think the people who go to these are business owners and they have an agenda in mind and that
agenda is how can I provide service to somebody and value to somebody in such a way that it will bring revenue into my
business they show up with an agenda they show up ready to roll and believe it or not it is more mission focus than
you may think so veteran friends and those of you who may still be in the service who are
thinking about starting a business do not be discouraged by the fact that the percentage is down right that's just
public perception public perception is always emotional very rarely based in fact to do not let being
resource-constrained be an excuse most businesses aren't resource constrained their execution constraint right and you
know that especially for my Marines watching this you know what it's like to get the mission done with crappy
logistics half the time you guys needed to borrow ammunition and food from us and the army but you still got the
mission done no excuse 3 this reluctance to network because you grew up in an isolated environment where it's military
military military we stick with our own it's kind of a fraternity of people who take care of each other
no one out there in the real world business-wise is just going to inherently take care of you because you
have on the same uniform you've got to go out there make relationships build relationships add value and you'd be
surprised just how mission focused a lot of these meetings are and how helpful they'll be to your business if I'm not
encouraged you to start that business that you have in your heart friend shoot me an email please do or leave me a
comment here so we can talk about it I'm I have a rule like I said an event any time any place who is in need no matter
what the need is if I have the means and the time to help you address the need I will do it that is my promise to every
vet every firefighter vet every first responder police vet across the world doesn't just have to be military okay I
love you guys much remember that we are stronger than I I'll see you on the next video

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