Top 10 Books from the World’s Militaries [Video]

Greetings Emmitt here from reading for wisdom calm the normal format of this show is for us to pick a book that we
really really like and review it we're gonna do something slightly different today and in the next episode what we're
going to do is we're going to feature the top 10 books recommended for reading by militaries across the world now where
do we get this information well I spent quite a few years studying the phenomenon of the professional military
reading list and what I did was I collected lists recommended reading lists from armies navies air forces from
countries all across the world from Asia from Europe North America here in New Zealand of course and Australia and
analyzed those lists did it be quantitative analysis and boiled down what were the hundred books that
militaries all across the world have reached a consensus these were books that were really really important reads
and had something essential to pass on to officers to NCOs to soldiers and of course to the general reading public so
what we are going to do is on this episode is highlight the top ten and we'll be continuing that on in the next
episode till we get to number one [Music] at number 10 Martin van crevel command
in war now whether you disagree with crevel whether you agree with him however you feel he is a provocative
writer one of the great modern military theorists Israeli writer speaks many languages German included which enabled
him to do research very very deeply very broadly across a range of archives and based on his knowledge of modern war and
his knowledge of historical war vank reveled always brings wonderful insights in command and war it was one of the
very first books to really look at the commander and his role so the commander and his use of technology the commander
and logistics the commander and the organization of his men and women number 10 on our list highly recommended by
militaries across the world at number 9 we have Elliott Cohen's supreme command now in contrast to number 10 on the list
this book really is about those big statesmen people who were politicians but who really interfered with command
and commanders and did it brilliantly this book highlights Winston Churchill it highlights David ben-gurion it
highlights Abraham Lincoln and of course the French politician Clemenceau and Cohen takes a wonderful look through big
strategy the big strategic picture this is essential reading [Music]
at number eight we have masters of war by Michael handle and this work looks at classical strategy Clausewitz etc and a
bit of a challenging read this is our beast of a book this really is an intellectual tour de force not something
I would recommend for the average reader really is an advanced piece of work but something that I think that young
officers should get familiar with as an introduction to the big picture of military strategy and for military
historians armchair historians if you're into the big theories if you're into Clausewitz if you're into those great
figures from the past some sue this is a real primer but it's a challenging read number seven we have John Keegan the
mask of command this is the first of two appearances by John Keegan in our top ten and Keegan a rightly venerated
writer in another episode I'm gonna talk about Keegan and his works I'm not a huge fan I think the one or two of his
works are definitely classics this is a great read but he his career is also featured in my opinion by some
disappointing works and some of Keegan sort of central theories I don't particularly believe myself but a great
writer nonetheless one of the true greats mask of command is about generals and about the almost the personas they
develop to get the job done the personas they develop to get people to follow them the personas they develop to gain
power and hold power very interesting thesis and militaries all around the world highly recommended
[Music] at number six the first book on our list so far to have been written by an actual
practitioner of war a general a hero a great leader and this was written by Hal more general Hal Moore who was one of
the early commanders on the ground in the American leg of the Vietnam War We Were Soldiers once and Young was also
co-written with Joseph Galloway an American journalist and that partnership was fascinating and it's produced a
really wonderful book fascinating because Galloway was a journalist who covered the battles that are described
here in the early part of 65 66 and this book is lauded for a reason it's full of great humanity great heroic tales lots
to learn about the actuality of command on the ground in highly challenging conditions it was made into a really
good movie with Mel Gibson and you'll see Mel Gibson featured on the cover playing Hal Moore that's a movie worth
checking out and this book number six for a very good reason so we just went from number 10 to number six on the list
of books that are recommended by militaries across the world in the next episode we are going to go from five to
the number one spot if you're interested in the research behind these videos the research into the professional military
reading lists come over to reading for wisdom calm there's a link down below and you'll find some of the full papers
there if you like the type of work that we're doing here on reading for wisdom do give us a like subscribe to Ninh next
time when we go from five to one [Music] [Music]

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