Top 10 Modern War Movies [Video]

What's up flick connection this is Darren and today I want to talk about the best movies depicting modern warfare
[Music] more movies have been around since the beginning of cinema some of them are
just fantastic some of the best movies ever made some of them not so much but today we're going to talk about the best
ones that depict modern warfare and that means anything that took place from the 1980s to modern day there's some great
movies not just film during that time but they actually take place and are based on real events during that time
and so we're gonna talk about those today now as always is a top 10 list so number 10 is the weakest one on the list
we're gonna go right on through to number one which is going to be the strongest in my opinion but number 10
I'm gonna go with tears of the Sun now this one could have been a lot better I say it's the weakest because it really
was a little too serious to actually be pg-13 there's a lot of violence in this movie it's it's got a very very serious
tone but with a pg-13 rating that weren't really able to convey the seriousness of the situation and that
the dire need of the people depicted in the movie so for that I feel like it was basically just a little bit of an
overblown action movie with Bruce Willis and it really could have been a much more some more serious film had they've
been a little more gravity to it and for that I think they needed a little bit more blood and gore not to make it gir
to it is but just to make it more real and more gripping so I felt like the movie lacked for that reason number 9
similar case here I actually picked behind enemy lines which may seem like an odd choice it's got Owen Wilson in it
and it is basically just an action movie but this one was a very well-done uh you know it's a little cheesy at times it
gets a little a little heavy on the shaky-cam stuff towards the end but it still was a very interesting compelling
story and it and it kind of keeps you engaged from beginning in so for that I felt like it was good storytelling and
it takes place in modern day it is a fictional story it's one of the few fictional stories on this list but still
for a pg-13 I thought it was a solid way to go it's actually the last 13 movie on the list because just for
war movies I feel like realism is really you know what counts so we're gonna go ahead and
move on number eight I actually really like this one it should be a little higher up on the
list but it's a little odd it's got some unrealistic elements to it so I didn't want to put it above some things that
really are more true to real-life events and that's three kings this was just a cool Desert Storm movie with George
Clooney Mark Wahlberg early early Mark Wahlberg but a really cool style on this movie it's really interesting from
beginning and if you somehow never saw this definitely watch it it's got some quirky things in it but that's kind of
what makes it cool as well I just felt like it didn't deserve to be above some more realistic things I really like this
though it's got a lot of cool lines in it it's just it's an interesting story and it kind of reminds me of some older
movies like uncommon valor they just kind of have like an odd quirkiness to them so that that's really fun with it
but I love this one it'll probably make some other lists in the future just because it is a cool kind of 90s movie
it was it was filmed late 90s but it really takes place like in I believe in 1990 so it's got that cool vibe going on
so I like it for that reason so we're gonna go ahead and move on the number seven with a movie called active valor
now this came out not too long ago and it did okay and the reason it's not higher up on the list is because it's
it's fairly poorly acted and the reason it's poorly acted is a reason it even made the list at all and that's because
it actually features real live Navy SEALs people that actually do this stuff for a living so for that reason this is
a very interesting pick it was fun to watch it was interesting from beginning to end
again there's a little bit of cheesiness there not just cuz that the acting just is flat I'm not gonna say it's bad it's
just flat it's just kind of non-existent but it's still a cool thing to watch the production behind this movie was really
interesting is completely independently done with real people and it was sold for you know like 15 million dollars I
think is what it sold for and you know they put a big marketing budget behind it
and a wide release in theaters and it is a good modern warfare moving number six for me is American sniper I'm sure some
of you would probably put this higher on the list I felt like this movie was really good it was really well done but
it did have some odd elements to it there's a weird thing with the fake baby I felt like Eastwood kind of dropped the
ball storytelling wise a couple of times with this one and really that only happens because he's so quick in his
filmmaking process they only do one or two takes and so that's kind of why you get some odd things and some Clint
Eastwood movies but this one was good there's some people that hated it because I felt like it glorified things
a little too much I I don't agree I don't feel like it did do that I felt like it was a really good honest story
there's also some people that say that the real guy was a jerk and lied about some things and and whether or not
that's true the movie itself is compelling it's well-done so this is really one of the better ones
but there's just there's there's some really good ones getting ready to come up on this list number 5 I'm actually
going with a documentary called Restrepo now this one's kind of hard to pronounce but I believe I've heard the director
pronounce it that way if I'm not mistaken so I'm gonna go with that but this is a documentary about soldiers in
Afghanistan that have to stay in this small outpost they basically have to hold down this outpost and they named it
Restrepo which is the name of one of the fallen soldiers that fought there with them and it essentially is one of the
most dangerous areas of Afghanistan and that their job is to hold this place down and the camera crew gets in there
they're there with them so it's very interesting they talk about what happens to these guys when they come back things
that are difficult for them to adjust to it just it covers a whole lot of things this is a really really good movie you
know I feel like this is one a lot of young men should watch whether they are in the military or not and just the fact
that they made it is I think kind of a praise to servicemen and women so for that reason I think everyone should see
it and I think you know servicemen and women should see it in particular so definitely check this one out
it comes on and off of streaming services but it's a really saw Documentary so if you were to pay a
couple of bucks to rent it you wouldn't be going wrong number four is jarhead I really felt like this was kind of our
generations Full Metal Jacket in fact it was kind of billed as that when it came out and I think that's true it could be
subliminal that I think that now because it was suggested to me when the movie came out and its marketing but I really
feel like it did a good job of capturing what soldiers go through outside of battle leading up to battle the
anticipation of battle it it really dealt with not just what soldiers go through but with what a lot of young men
at that stage in their lives go through and then throw them into the middle of the desert and and it just makes
everything worse so I thought it was a really interesting take on the modern military number three I'm actually going
with The Hurt Locker this won an Academy Award for Best Picture I really don't think it's that good of a movie but it's
solid it's it's an interesting story it's a compelling story it's well acted it's well directed well produced
I liked it from beginning to end so for that I give it a lot of points but that said it's not as good as lone survivor
which I thought was fantastic I thought that was an incredible movie so that's why that's my number to pick this one
really just pushes and drives from beginning to end that tells a true story a story that we did not know when it had
actually occurred we just heard about the helicopter crash that's all that was told to us in the news but we had some
soldiers that were hunted down and killed one by one during this whole ordeal one of them makes it out alive I
think it's a fantastic story it's it's you know the the book was written by the lone survivor so it's a very true
account but I felt like this was very not just well done but I felt like it respected not just the men that were
there but it kind of respected what happened it didn't glorify it too much it didn't really it didn't really turn
the enemy into these kind of mustache twisting villains I felt like it was a very true
telling its graphic there are graphic graphic consequences to the actions and decisions that different people enemies
and the soldiers you know decide to take and for that reason it it has a lot of weight a lot of gravity that's why it's
my number to pick number one it's been a long time favorite of mine because just the way I felt when I left the theater
and that's Black Hawk Down well the cinematography is incredible the acting is great they invented new
technology when making this movie that's used all the time now where they could essentially add in bullet you know
fragments and holes into different materials in post and it looks real and allowed them to really sort of tell the
story with the gunfire which is just constant constant in this movie but this movie just has an edge to it you feel
nervous for the men going in it feels like you're there which i think is really important for this type of
storytelling they go a little over the top towards the end you know they make some things up which I wish they hadn't
have done because it's such a compelling story to begin with but that said it's my favorite Modern Warfare movie what's
yours let me know in the comments below but thanks for watching and you will see me next time

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