Thank You for My Service: Not Your Typical Military Book [Video]

Let's try to write a book about my crazy-ass life oh hi why thank you
[Music] in this book I talk about my time and special operations and as a contractor I
had to redact that you see this isn't your average military book I talk about being an internet douche bag business or
getting a flesh-eating bacteria in Florida seal I discuss how I own too many guns just kidding that's not a
thing [Music] how you fight and even if you hate my
book there's plenty of other applications for it balancing a table or not toilet paper I
talk about why I love this country so much and all the amazing opportunity is provided you patriotism is racism okay
yeah where'd you send it Syria and actually I am gonna need that back all right Jared let's pull this up Oh
polishing day babe hey guys finally my book is out available everywhere books are sold
I don't think a book like this has ever been written and most importantly I just want to say thank you for the support
over all the years all the crazy times the love and support means everything [Music]

Source : Youtube

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