Top 25 Disabled Veteran Benefits You May Not Know About [Video]

All right welcome bets again Brian Reese here the va claims insider coming at you live from Austin Texas and as you can
see on my little background today we're jumping out of planes dang we're jumping out of planes why would I have that as
my background man well here's why the message today yeah we're talking about the top 25 disabled veteran benefits and
I also have a bonus for you at the end okay if you haven't downloaded my free guide the 833 possible disabilities you
may qualify for by law I'm gonna give you that book for free today I'll be revealing that at the end okay but the
reason that I got this background up today is because I want to just share something real quick okay sometimes you
gotta just take the leap okay yeah it's uncomfortable yeah you don't want to talk about your mental
health condition yeah you don't want to sound like a pansy because you served in the military right you don't want to
come across as you know I don't I yeah but I just don't trust these people I don't want to act like you know I'm
trying to get something I don't deserve I get it okay but sometimes you gotta just jump out of the plane right you
gotta take the leap you gotta believe you gotta have faith that in the end if you do everything
legally morally ethically and medically that it's gonna work out you got to have faith you got to believe in something
right you got to believe in a higher power hopefully you believe in your family
your friends okay I know you don't trust the VA all right you may not trust us if you're watching this video live your
trust or you're watching the recording I get it right I get it there's a lot of folks who who don't like us in this
world right got it what I'm asking you to do is go do your own research okay don't sign up with us unless you truly
want what we offer you okay there's plenty of organizations out there that can help you guys free of charge okay I
don't want you to join va claims insider unless you're all-in okay we want veterans who believe what we believe
that means you believe that you're stuck you're frustrated and you're underrated you're pissed off you're upset that the
VA hasn't given you what you deserve by law you're angry about some crappy compensation and pension examiners
you're tired of wasting all your time online okay and some of these worthless garbage Facebook groups some of these
attorneys are an absolute joke show okay I'm gonna call him a clown show I read their stuff okay
the attorneys don't know what they're talking about because VA disability claims come down
medical evidence okay what they want you to do is get denied and then they want you to appeal to the board right which
is gonna take three to five years so that they can collect a huge part of your back pay okay here's another dirty
little secret they seem to think that helping you file a tdiu IU or a secondary disability claim doesn't
constitute a new claim right so they're collecting on that in addition to their collecting pre-filing consultation fees
just to even talk to you right some of them are it's absolutely wrong it's ridiculous you do not need an attorney
okay you can do this yourself veterans that's what we help you do we teach you how to prepare and file your own
disability claim on it's super simple to click through it okay we have a training video that shows you step by
step on the screen how you prepare and file your own claim you represent yourself and what we really teach you
and help you unlock is you start to understand the importance of medical evidence you're gonna start to
understand the importance of having a medical diagnosis you're gonna understand wait a minute this claim was
denied why was it denied oh I couldn't prove the Nexxus on it at least as likely as that basis okay oh wait a
minute I guess I didn't properly explain to the compensation and pension examiner my symptoms the severity of what I'm
going through right we help you unlock that so you can unleash and understand what you need to do to punch back
yourself veterans helping veterans live 24/7 365 in in community and we will never let you quit we need each other in
community gang that's why we do this in community but today top 25 disabled veteran
Bennett's Flo's bonus by the way you do not have to join our programs I would love for you to if you believe what we
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disclaimer I am NOT an accredited VSO I'm not an accredited claims agent I'm not an accredited attorney we are not
any entity recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs I'm not affiliated with the VA in any way shape or form
okay we offer education based membership programs we offer educational content across our web sites across our blog
okay this video if we start to talk about certain things medical issues if I answer some of your questions if we talk
about some of the legalities okay this video is not a substitute and shall not be substituted for the medical advice
from a doctor or a health care provider or the legal advice of a VA accredited attorney
okay please also do not construe any part of this video in whole or in part as legal tax investment financial or
other advice okay now the reason I added that third disclaimer today is because we're talking about some top VA benefits
across the Department of Veterans Affairs that might include VA home loans might include some of the investment
stuff with the veterans benefits banking program okay please don't construe that as any type of certified financial
planning or advice okay alright so let's talk real quick about the basic eligibility for VA disability benefits
and it makes me so angry when I see how people wrongly explain the three things that you really need okay and so you
know there's people who have five things you need to prove people that's the two things you need proof there's three
things gang there's three things and this is what they are okay if you believe you deserve VA disability
benefits by law these are the three things you have to prove in every single disability compensation claim number one
you have to have a medical diagnosis of a disability or condition in a medical record okay now there's this uh
misconception out there that you need to have a diagnosis in your active duty service treatment records okay which are
your medical records from when you wear the uniform that is not true okay you can have a medical diagnosis and any
type of medical record can be on service treatment records it could be on current VA rec medical records if especially if
you're seeking treatment at a VA facility okay the Veterans Health Administration
offers health care treatment and benefits for veterans or you can also have that medical diagnosis on any
private records okay so maybe you're taking advantage of the mission Act and you have a referral to private health
care providers that have nothing to do with the VA all right or DoD maybe you're working for an employer who
offers private insurance and you've got a private primary care doctor okay or something like that the bottom line
though is you have to have a medical diagnosis somewhere on a medical record if you don't guess what's gonna happen
the VA Raider is gonna look at your records and go oh I see he's talking about migraine headaches they see he
says he has irritable bowel syndrome I see she says she's got post-traumatic stress disorder
but I can't find a diagnosis okay they aren't even gonna go on past one unless you have a diagnosis so my advice here
is if you think you have a disability condition get your butt to the doctor okay get your butt to the doctor and
tell them everything going on with you okay now if you do have a medical diagnosis for that condition migraines
IBS GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease plantar fasciitis lumbar strain radiculopathy okay if you have it
diagnosed then here comes part two which is what's legally referred to as the Nexus now a nexus guy simply means a
logical link or a connection that's all it means it's a fancy way of saying connection in order to be eligible for
disability benefits under the law the disability or condition that's diagnosed in part one must have been caused or
made worse by your active duty military service or by another service-connected disability if you're filing for
secondary service connection now when you log into all right which by the way is way better and way more
intuitive than ebenefits when you add a new condition or you're filing for an increase or you're adding a condition
secondary to something already service-connected there's actually a block in there now there's there's radio
buttons where you have to tell the VA what type of service connection you're seeking and it actually tells you in
plain English like I'm seeking direct service connection for something that occurred on active duty I'm seeking
secondary service connection for something that resulted as a as a result of a current service-connected
disability now the part I laughed at is the example that they use on Feig of is our example it's our example they're
talking about right side body left side body issues are orthopedic conditions affect other parts of your body
you're welcome ba you welcome I gave that one to you I'm glad you're listening okay all right
so that nexus piece though is absolutely crucial now if you've ever logged into if you've ever been into
ebenefits if you've ever received your VA benefits summary letter okay you've ever received your here's your VA award
letter and you see things that say denied not service-connected that's what that means is that you failed to prove
the Nexus requirement on and at least is likely as not basis that's an incredibly low standard by the way in a criminal
case the standard of proof okay is I'm sorry I see people jumping in there like boom
seriously yeah it's serious the standard of proof in a criminal case is beyond a reasonable doubt okay that's a very very
high standard of proof and it should be okay if you're gonna try somebody in a criminal court you're maybe going to
send them to jail you better be sure okay so in the United States it's beyond a reasonable doubt
for criminal if it's a civil case okay meaning it's not criminal something's tried in a civil court okay
civil law the standard is preponderance of the evidence which in Va speak means more likely than not
okay preponderance of the evidence means there's a greater than 50% chance okay now that's for a civil case va
disability benefits in law is completely different the standard of proof is at least as likely as not meaning all
things being equal 50/50 okay it's not greater than 50 it's not less than 50 there's a 50/50 chance that's what at
least as likely as not means now our great v creators compensation pension examiners seem to have forgotten that
the benefit of the doubt always goes to the veteran the benefit of the doubt doesn't go to
the government the benefit of the doubt doesn't lean toward the VA the benefit of the doubt doesn't lean to the
compensation and pension examiner it leans to the veteran when the evidence is in equipoise there's an approximate
even balance of fifty-fifty just like in baseball the tie goes to the runner okay
the tie goes to the veteran okay at least as likely as not is an incredibly low standard to proof now if your
disability has been previously denied before and said not service-connected it's probably because you either didn't
have a medical diagnosis or you failed to prove with medical evidence that the disability or condition you suffer from
was at least as likely as not due to your active service or due to another service-connected disability or due to a
presumptive disability if it's on that list okay you probably need to get something called a medical Nexus letter
okay a medical Nexus letter can be completed by any private health care provider okay any licensed private
health care provider a nurse practitioner a certified physician's assistant a medical doctor an orthopedic
surgeon a specialist and a nexus letter simply explains through medical ideology okay through medical research the
likelihood that the disagree condition you're suffering from today was due to your service or due to another
service-connected disability and what veterans seem to forget is that the link has to show medical connections okay if
you're talking about secondary service connection the third standard under the law is actually described by the courts
as medical Nexus evidence okay that's what pickled Nexus letter will let you do now
if you can't get one from your own private doctor or he or she doesn't know what they're talking about they have no
idea how to format it or write one okay that's what we do that's what we can help you do okay you'll see a link at
the bottom I see a bunch of team members on WWV a claims insider elite comm we are a membership based education and
training program okay which also gets you discounted access to private medical providers in our referral network
now just to be clear they don't work for me they're not my employees they are not influenced by us in any way okay and
they shall not be influenced by you in any way they are independent for a reason that's the reason gang that it's
called an independent medical opinion I am oh okay a medical Nexus opinion a medical Nexus letter an independent
medical opinion they're synonymous they all mean the same thing okay but you probably need one probably need an
independent medical opinion to try to get your disabilities service-connected okay that's number two and then the
third part if you have a medical condition diagnosed if you can prove the nexus on an at least as likely as not
basis for service connection then it comes down to part three do you have persistent and reoccurring
symptoms of the disability into the present day that are somehow limiting or affecting your life typically the
limitation derives from economic limitation meaning economic loss because of your disabilities that's ultimately
what you're being compensated for okay by the government for your disabilities that caused economic loss okay that's
why you're paid compensation okay now a not a lot of vets seem to forget also that under the law the VA is looking for
frequency severity and duration okay I'm gonna say that again I talked about this in numerous blog posts persistent or
recurrent symptoms of the disability of the present day if you're not seeking treatment if you've got no history of
this stuff okay your disabilities there's no medical evidence that shows frequency severity or duration
you're likely either gonna get denied or you're gonna get underrated okay because there's just not enough in there to help
the VA rate or make a decision as to how severe your condition is ultimately number three affects your rating okay
number one doesn't affect the rating yeah you got to have a medical diagnosis number two the Nexus doesn't affect the
rating okay there's no more clear of a nexus that results in a higher rating it's either service-connected or it's
not number three is what determines the percentage for that condition okay and I recommend all veterans arm yourself with
information by going to see if our thirty-eight part for the schedule for rating disabilities you can google it
when we're done it's the governing law that guides all conditions that are eligible for
disability compensation okay all right hopefully that made sense does that that's probably the most thorough
I've ever explained that and by the way keep asking your questions there's 254 for you on live right now this is crazy
I love you guys man I love doing this with you live and in community so who's ready who's ready for the top 25
disabled veteran benefits explained plus a bonus I got two hands in the air somebody say yes somebody say yes live
somebody say yes on YouTube if you're watching the recording somebody say I'm ready to jump out the plane I'm ready to
take the leap of faith okay here I could do I could do this I could be like oh the blade backwards all right here we go
lick out of the blog let's go to the blog top 25 disabled fighter veterans this post has been shared almost a
thousand times by the way which is just crazy it took me forever to put it together by the way top 25 disabled
veteran benefits hopefully you guys can still see my screen somebody give me a yep we still got you okay now the reason
I'm going back to this post is because I don't want to miss something and this is so thoroughly explained okay and the
other thing I want to show you is across the top of the page okay this is part of our brand new website the va claims
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dropdowns three secrets to a higher via rate in less time the web class I've got how to get a hundred percent VA rating
quickly if deserved and eligible by law the secret guide to 833 ratable VA disabilities a free ebook the insiders
guide to VA claims for sleep apnea it's a free ebook okay there's other clowns out there who
want to charge you for this crap it's complete garbage it's garbage so we give it to you for
free I've information okay link 5 here top 25 disabled veteran benefits you may not
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to get this information out there to other disabled veterans and their families especially now federal benefits
are not going away due to covet 19 federal benefits ain't going away even when we come out of this mess
federal benefits especially VA disability benefits are yours that you deserve by law because you stepped up
and wear the uniform now there's some other high-value benefits we're going to talk about today that have nothing to do
with the VA okay but it could get you thousands of dollars for you and your family one of the resources on talk
about today could actually result in getting you hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt removed
overnight we have veterans in our community who have taken advantage of the disabled veterans student loan
forgiveness program they've had hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt wiped clean to zero from the
Department of Education unbelieveable benefit okay we donate all the proceeds from anything sold through our shop
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okay you can type a keyword just like Google and hit search and it will spit out all of the posts relevant to that
topic so if you're looking for PTSD type PTSD and click search if you're looking for sleep apnea type
sleep apnea click search you're looking for VA pay rates type ba pay rates and click search
ok know who who's that sexy beast down there man it was a little I was a little younger a
little more thin back then I don't think I've worn a tie by the way at about two years I actually maybe I did for a
wedding I'll get a new picture up there pretty soon cuz I ain't no lawyer and I'm never gonna be a lawyer ever ever
ever ever okay let's jump into the top 25 disabled veterans you might not know about now I'm gonna cover the ones in
detail today I'm gonna highlight the screen so hopefully you can see them okay va disability compensation pay I
want to talk about first if you're suffering from any disease in service medical condition you've got a diagnosis
something that happened while you served you're eligible for VA disability compensation pay which is a tax free
benefit it's tax free at the state level and it's also tax free at the federal level now one of the things you might
want to do okay you can prepare and file your own va disability compensation claim for free by opening what's called
a notice of intent to file on the website okay now it's the system isn't set up right you can actually file a
first-time claim you can file an increase claim all right can file secondary claims right on the VA gov
website okay you don't need to use ebenefits anymore a benefits is a buggy disaster to say the least
okay now as soon as you start saying yes I want to file a claim it's gonna automatically open what's called an
intent to file okay which means that you're putting the VA on notice you're telling them hey I'm I'm gonna file a
claim I'm just building it now what that does is it allows you to set your filing date so that if and when in the future
whether it's one month six months nine months they finally make a decision you're gonna get paid back to
the date of your notice of intent to file okay which is crucial all right now I've also got compensation pay rates is
there as well all right let's talk about number 225 SMC benefits special monthly compensation SMC benefits are in
addition to any va disability compensation pay that you are getting okay VA SMC by the way you're eligible
to be paid a higher rate due to some special circumstance okay the Aid and Attendance program of another person
that's a pension benefit but it's technically a form of special monthly compensation okay the loss or use of a
creative organ a creative organ meaning what you use to make babies okay if you've got a reptile dysfunction that's
alright we know it's a creative organ that's affected you're eligible to receive a higher rate of pay that isn't
listed under the general schedule okay and the same is true for women there's female sexual wiles a disorder there's
all kinds of SMC type benefits right if you're blind if you've lost a limb amputation there's all kinds of things
that may make you eligible for special monthly compensation and if you go to this post va claims inside you can just
go to VA clinch insider comm go across the top of the page click the free resource drop down okay go to the top 25
post there's links throughout if you want to learn more about each of these categories okay number three the
Veterans Benefits banking program this is brand spankin new it's only been out for a few months what this means is that
you as a disabled veteran or your beneficiaries can use something called the veterans benefits banking program to
open up direct deposit financial institution accounts to help you okay now the entire purpose here is there's a
lot of disabled veterans especially elderly disabled veterans who are still receiving their month
disability compensation pay be a check meaning an actual physical check is mailed to you what the VBB program is is
trying to do is to get you to open up an account with eligible participating banks so you can do stuff direct deposit
so instead of waiting for your check it can get there instantly or sometimes a couple days earlier okay
the the VBB p program by the way there's eligible qualifying banks we're not associated with this in any way but it's
a heck of a great program okay go check that out number four free health care and free
prescription medications for disabled vets this is this has got to be one of the best ones out there now you got to
have at least a fifty percent disability rating to qualify for no-cost healthcare unless unless there's an income
situation okay there are financial situations that apply now I've got a link here on this post where you can
click to learn about how the VA is going to determine if there are any health care costs in your situation and or the
co-pays okay disabled veteran travel pay reimbursement a lot of vets don't know
that you're actually eligible to receive VA travel pay reimbursements okay in 2020 it's forty one and a half cents per
mile for approved health related travel so if you're seeking treatment for your conditions
if you're going to compensation and pension exams for disability okay you can be reimbursed for the mileage and I
got a link here as well that you can learn more about that property tax exemptions good lord have mercy this is
one of the ones out there that a lot of vets don't even know about many states okay this has nothing to do with federal
okay this is a state by state property tax exemption most of the time it has to do with your Prime
residents only okay now what this means is if you have a certain disability rating in your state and we got a whole
list on our website as well Texas where I live is one of them at certain disability ratings you qualify for
exemptions sometimes even a complete waiver of property taxes owed on your primary residence if you own a home epic
I mean good law in the state of Texas this is worth five to twelve and a half thousand dollars per year if you're a
disabled veteran at a certain rate okay absolutely epic how many of you knew that if you have a service-connected
building rating of ten percent or higher you're completely exempt from the VA home loan funding fee okay
this can save you a few grand so I have an example here so let's say you're a 30 percent disabled veteran you're a
first-time homebuyer and you purchase a three hundred thousand dollar home okay and you make a five percent down payment
you don't know technically with the VA loan you don't have to make any down payment well let's say you do okay
$300,000 home you put down 15 grand alright which is five percent of that $300,000 home loan if you're not at
least 10 percent or higher you're gonna pay in this example about forty seven
hundred dollars in the VA funding fee but if you're 10 percent or higher uo0 okay now I've got a link here as well
you can check the eligibility requirements okay voc rehab alright it's actually called the VR any program but
most vets just call it voc rehab for chapter 35 benefits now what this is is that the programs created it's designed
to help veterans with service-connected abilities to get employment or achieve some type of independence suitable
living okay now there's an application for this there's a full list of voc rehab coordinators that we've posted on
this blog post and you can get in touch also you can either contact the voc rehab coordinators or you can reach out
to the VA regional office in your state to check eligibility okay you're also eligible most vets already know this you
can get VA disability compensation for your dependents okay now if you have a zero percent rating at ten percent rated
twenty percent rating you're not eligible you have to have a minimum va disability rating of thirty percent or
higher okay to get monthly additional monthly compensation from your dependents you for your dependents you
can add and remove dependents at any time by the way on either ebenefits or there's a self verification
process okay so if you've got kiddos maybe your divorce but got newly married maybe you are married add your
dependents you're gonna get mo money okay all right I'm gonna talk about C RDP
real quick so if anybody listening is a retired active-duty military member okay retired active-duty military member
you're eligible through something called the concurrent retirement and disability pay program C RDP to be paid both
military retired pay and VA disability compensation pay and instead of there being an offset okay if you're 50
percent or higher from the VA you get both alright now there's some specific D fast requirements there I've
got a link as well VA t Diu it's sometimes called total disability individual unemployability sometimes
called unemployability sometimes called individual unemployability it all means the same thing now what this means is
you can get paid at the hundred percent rate even if you're not actually a hundred percent scheduler okay so maybe
you're at 70 percent or thirty percent but those service can't disabilities make it nearly impossible or impossible
for you to maintain substantially gainful employment okay you can file for tdiu benefits and be paid at the hundred
percent rate even if you're only rated at ten percent thirty percent seventy percent now there's a whole thing here
in this other post that I have linked talking about substantially gainful employment I highly recommend you take a
look at that in detail before you go jump at this one okay now I'm going to combine DEA benefits and special
restorative training benefits in the same one okay if you are a hundred percent P&T due to
a service-connected disability your dependents qualify for the dependents educational assistance VA benefits to
help pay for school and job training okay this is also part of the chapter 35 benefit programs now I've got
eligibility listed here there's a whole bunch of nuances and I'm not gonna explain those in detail now but go check
it out there's also something called specialty vritt or special restorative training and special voc training okay
again these there's some nuances here I'm not going to explain them in detail but most veterans don't even know these
benefits exist go check them out it's on this post there's links to the resources pa goodness this is an unbelievable
benefit for disabled veterans who are a hundred percent permanently and totally disabled if the health insurance benefit
program okay the VA shares the cost of certain services and supplies for eligible beneficiaries champey a is
incredible absolutely incredible program now I want you to go check it out if you need
health insurance if you're trying to get your dependents health insurance that's what it's for it's for beneficiaries so
if you're a hundred percent P&T you qualify for CHAMPVA check it out free VA dental care okay
generally you can only get VA dental care benefits if you have a hundred percent disability rating it does not
need to be a hundred percent PT you could be a hundred percent scheduler okay but IU does not qualify so i got a
link here also again there's a bunch of nuances for dental care but you can go check that out
VA burial benefits and plot allowances did you know that you can get your funeral paid for okay now don't you go
dying on me okay but this is a benefit here that helps dependents and surviving spouses handle your burial benefits
there's plot allowances okay and I got a link here as well where you can go learn and qualify on it
these next two disabled veterans commissary privileges finally finally they opened up the commissaries the
exchanges and NWR facilities to anybody with a service-connected disability rating of between 0% and 100% this is
brand spankin new it's effective January 1st 2020 and it's also applies to online purchases okay incredible benefit
incredible benefit if you're wondering are you eligible can you go in person can you go online can you go to the
exchanges can you go buy groceries can you do MWR facilities the answer is a resounding yes
okay so go check it out I've got links to commissaries and exchanges here on the website
these next two have to deal with hiring preferences for federal jobs okay depending on your service connect
disability rating you qualify for vet preference for federal jobs okay you also qualify for direct hire
Authority and expedited hiring Authority for federal jobs now there's some nuances there but if
you're looking for a federal job you're gonna need to download a copy of your disability summary verification letter
you're going to need to fill out there's a separate form when you're applying for Federal jobs for vet preference
okay VA Aid and Attendance program this is a pension benefit okay and it can help cover the cost of daily living if
you're house bound due to your disabilities or you're in a nursing home okay the Aid and Attendance program is a
form of SMC that we've already talked about special monthly compensation and it's added to the amount that you get
per month okay it helps cover the daily cost of your living helps cover the cost of care okay
and I got a link here as well that's directly to the VA website talking about Aid and Attendance if your homebound
there's also a life insurance program for disabled veterans this is run it's a VA program okay you can get up to ten
thousand dollars of coverage if you're permanently and totally disabled and unable to work you can actually apply
for up to thirty thousand dollars of coverage again I got a link here as well talking about the disabled veterans life
insurance program jobs for disabled vets okay so we haven't partnered with them yet
but we're going to be so that's a disclaimer there Navy SEALs Jocko will Inc life babban and Mike's really okay
they co-founded EF overwatch a bunch of Navy SEALs these dudes are total badasses they're great guys if you don't
know who Jocko is he's got an awesome podcast out there but they just launched something called the EF Legion job board
and they helped place you into top civilian companies for disabled vets and military spouses and the principles
taught in addition to just posting job boards here they teach the principles out of a book called extreme ownership
which is amazing amazing talks about the Battle of Ramadi in Iraq it talks about lessons that they learned in leadership
as US Navy SEALs okay so I've got a link there as well you can find out how to search jobs how to get yourself on there
and how to get your dream job okay so jobs for disabled vets provided by EF Legion which is a part of the larger
company EF overwatch educational scholarships lord have mercy the folds of Honor
foundation now unfortunately this the scholarship just closed on April 1st the folds of Honor foundation which is a
nonprofit that we support okay we just cut them a check for 25 grand so many vets in our community have benefited
from the folds of Honor foundation we just became I think it's a Bronze level sponsorship for the folds of Honor
foundation they provide scholarships for the dependents of disabled veterans now the scholarship isn't for
you as a disabled veteran it's for your dependents your spouse or your kiddos now there's two programs there's a K
through 12 program and then there's also something called the higher education scholarship which is for those seeking
of first bachelor's or a certification okay it's based on the unmet need on the unmet need but bottom line is you can
get up to $5,000 per year per year per person and this is in addition to any post 9/11 GI benefits unbelievable
program gain unbelievable program and lots of folks don't even know this program exists free tax prep did you
know there's something called the Vita program the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program there's free tax help
for disabled veterans now you have to there's income limits on this but an IRS certified volunteers they provide free
basic income tax prep an electronic filing in – it also has a free file program and but you have to have an AGI
adjusted gross income at a certain certain level or you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit now we do not
have any relationship with Intuit TurboTax okay this is not an affiliate link in any way this is just information
for you you do not have to use them but the bottom line gang is you may qualify for free tax preparation as a disabled
vet meaning you don't have to pay for that service okay free space a travel for disabled vets
this is brand-new okay as of I believe last year with the passage of the disabled veterans access to space a
Travel Act disabled veterans with a service-connected disability rating of 100% P&T you can jump on any scheduled
or unscheduled military flight within the continental US you're actually you're under category 6 though you're
not priority one through five but you're under cat6 this is operated by Air Mobility Command the United States Air
Force subject to availability obviously we ain't flying right now due to the Rona
coronavirus Co bid 19 but guess what we're gonna be back flying soon and when you are if you're 100% Pt I got a link
right here so you can go check out their mobility commands space a travel page okay and this is your bonus for today
okay those are the top 25 benefits but this is the bonus that is absolutely epic I've already mentioned it to you
the disabled veteran student loan forgiveness program it's crazy how many disabled veterans don't even know about
this program if you have any student loan debt this program wipes it to zero and it's an incredibly stupidly simple
application if you're a hundred percent pnt if you're a hundred percent tdiu or if you're a hundred percent scheduler
you are eligible for this program now it's actually called the TPD discharged program but literally you fill out some
paperwork which linked right here we've had vets in our community tell us about this in fact a veteran in our mastermind
just posted I hey thanks to va claims insider I found out about this program I completed my own
application in PDF I uploaded it and two weeks later I get a letter from the Department of Education saying your 208
thousand dollar student loan debt is now forgiven entirely uo0 that person that that veteran just had his life changed
overnight unbelievable benefit for disabled vets okay
I'm not going to go through all these in detail but I actually have a list of VA disability benefits by rating on this
same post okay as of right now we have 40% 50 60 70 80 90 and a hundred the benefits that you qualify for at these
different ratings check it out it's epic I also have my seven best ways to increase your service-connected va
disability rating if eligible by law check that out and then I got the ask okay if you wouldn't mind if you got
value from this video training today if you're out checking out this post please share it ok please share it with other
vets you can share that you can see over a thousand of you have shared it unbelievable you can share it on Twitter
you can share it on reddit you can share it on LinkedIn and you can share it on Facebook now combat Craig and anybody on
live if you wouldn't mind grabbing this post va claims slash the top 25 disabled veteran benefits you can get
it from the homepage click over the free resources and scroll to the bottom link I'm asking you guys right here right now
if you're watching live please share this post on Facebook please share it on LinkedIn please share it on reddit
please share it on Twitter we have to get this information out to disabled veterans and their families nothing is
more important right now than for disabled veterans and their families to get the benefits that they
qualify for by law federal benefits state benefits and nonprofit resources alright now I
actually just typed this up the other day want to help even more veterans please click an icon above and share
this post on social media I'm eternally grateful again we're influencing hundreds of thousands of veterans every
month over 6 million veterans have visited military disability made easy had their lives changed by our free
resources unbelievable gang and we couldn't do this without you ok
we're a movement we're a movement and movements are only as good as those who are part of the movement and that's you
that's me that's our team ok we're only as good as the human beings that are part of that movement
again I'm eternally grateful to you for helping okay I'm gonna stop the share here I'm gonna get back live I hope that
was super valuable for you guys today again don't be afraid to take that leap of faith and jump out the plane okay
take that leap if you deserve a state or a federal benefit by law I am giving you permission right here right now to go
for it to get what you deserve by law legally morally ethically medically nothing more nothing less just what you
deserve okay but you deserve it because you wore these
you wore the uniform I wore the uniform we are the part the tiny percent of the tiny percent who raised our hands who
took that oath to defend freedom I'm giving you permission to get the benefits you deserve by law okay again
thank you guys so much we've gone for about an hour Thank You vets as well for sharing so
much info live unbelievable okay again you guys need help if you're stuck if you're frustrated if you're
underrated if you need medical evidence you want a disability examination from an independent provider that's where we
come in if you want access to our proprietary education based resources you can start free you'll see the link
at the bottom it's also in the chat here va claims insider elite comm you want to chat with a member of our team you can
do that right on our website but you also don't have to use us that's the critical point here you don't need va
claims insider you can do this yourself and we will arm you with that information we have free resources
across the web you can use your own accredited agent you can use an accredited VSO a veteran service
organizations okay but I think the key point that you need to understand is that you probably need more medical
evidence you may not but if you need more medical evidence we might be able to help okay again va claims insider
elite comm I love you guys I appreciate you all very much please keep asking your questions even after
we're done here today if you're watching the recording on youtube scroll down if you open up the description there's a
bunch of resources in there for you if you go to the comments section ask your question and we will try to provide you
with an answer okay everybody's jumping in there like dude you are the bomb Paul hi from Japan Doug thank you great info
info that most vets never even knew about Thank You Bryan oh my gosh I qualify for extra benefits now that I'm
a hundred percent P&T thank you this is amazing get your butt to the doctor hey beaker
hey Donna hey rusty hey Fred you guys are awesome again I love you vets thank you for your service
Brian Reese here out from Austin Texas be safe and we'll see you soon see you guys

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