SADF border war movie At Thy Call

8 months ago

Movie made by Chris Dos Santos as a post graduate student project.

BE WARNED: EXCESSIVE SWEARING! (but that is exactly how it was in our army and most probably in any army in the world..)

The film was screened at the Cannes film festival and won a few international awards .

I think this is quite an achievement for a student film of this scale being produced with a limited budget.

It has not been publicly screened in South Africa.

Personally in my 2 year SADF experience we did not encounter racial incidents like portrayed in this movie but I can imagine things like this happened in isolated cases. Political talk was forbidden in our unit. We also had much operational inter action with black members of the SADF and no segregation was present.

Furthermore we did not experience the antagonism between Afrikaans and English speaking troops as portrayed here, but I realize it did happen in some units. After 2 years service people from different languages, religion and cultures were the best of buddies ever in our unit.

The use of language is very similar with what we were confronted in 1978, swearing was absolutely ridiculously bad.

There are some technical/historical mistakes in the movie but in general in my opinion the movie reflects quite a realistic atmosphere of the times back in 70’s and 80’s

Here the awards:

Won Best film, Best cinematography, best writer at Coal Stove awards 2009, Official selection Durban Int. Film Festival, Official Selection AFI film Festival Los Angeles, Official Selection Cape Winelands Film Festival, Best film at off the shelf film festival 2010.

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This YouTube upload version of “At Thy Call” is slightly edited by me to exclude derogative racial language as I do not prefer such language on my channel.